Hot Springs Trail Run Race Report

It is done. A wave of calm has washed over out household. Last night I talked my husband’s ear off through dinner and we realized how stressed I was about doing this race. It was an 18 mile trail run, which was a big step for me. I trained to my best ability and feel really great about how it turned out. This was my first time at the Pink.. Read More

I don’t care what the scale says about you.

Self Love

Let me just start by letting you know that I care about your health. I care that you are active. I care that you eat nourishing foods. I don’t care how much or little you weigh. I don’t care about the roll(s) or six pack. I don’t care about mine either. Life just can’t be about this endless pursuit of some thing that can lead us to causing harm to.. Read More

Running Queues to Pass the Time and Improve Form

Many things happen on a long run, but two that I find to affect me are getting bored and losing form as I get tired. I have found that if I remind myself of a few helpful running form tips, I will pass some time and refocus in the process. #1: Run Tall As runners get tired they can slump, which just makes running harder. When you start to get.. Read More

Workout for July 8th – Big 3 Strength

Today we are doing the 3 big strength moves and finishing with an ab circuit. Each strength exercise will be paired with a another exercise to make some awesome supersets. First warm up. Do 5-10 minutes of your favorite cardio then do a warm up set of each of the 3 main exercises (little to no weight for 15 reps). The Workout Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each.. Read More

How to dial in your race: Creating Your Gameplan

This post is about how to make a successful game plan for race day.  You’ve done the physical training.  It is now time to do the book work. Introduction: I am less than 3 weeks out from my race.  Although I did not have a completely successful training time for this race, I think I am in the fitness level for my goals.  With the time remaining, there isn’t much.. Read More

Workout for Monday, June 5th Assessments

Today’s workout is a fitness assessment and then a finishing circuit. I suggest writing your assessment information down and keeping it somewhere safe so that you can compare in the future. I will be planning another assessment in 3 months. Let’s Get Started! 5 Minute Warm Up: You can do this anywhere and on any cardio equipment. Just get your body moving comfortably to open up your blood flow and.. Read More

First Open-Water-Swim of the Year: Testing the River Waters.

It was a long hard winter.  There is still 96″ of snow in the mountains.  The river is really pushing through. After more than enough swimming in the pool, I am staring at a daunting deadline:  3.5 weeks left. The Pacific Crest Triathlon is in 3.5 weeks.  This seems very strange to me.  Sometimes you work for so long for something, you tend to forget that there is a purpose.. Read More

Neutral VS. Stability Shoes: Who needs what?

I’ll start by saying that I write this from a place of perspective and not educated knowledge. I have an experience to share about my running shoes and maybe it will help others with their running shoes. When I was young, I was in gymnastics. I was working many hours a week and very flexible. Then I quit and I did nothing. I ruined by hips by stopping all exercise.. Read More

Making the transition from endurance training to speed training…

As I approach the final month of training, I am now in the new throws of agony:  Speed Work.  These workouts are not a priority for those hoping to see the other side of the finish line…But when your goal is to get a podium, these workouts are paramount. I had some changes made to my training plan to shift over to improving speed. Running Long Runs:  The majority of.. Read More

Nothing New for Nutrition: 30 Days to Race Day

Today is 30 days from race day. There is a buzz of excitement in the air and I am starting to think about final preparations. The most important thing I can say is…Nothing New! I am done with trying new drink mixes or gels or before and after nutrition. It is time to be firm on what works and what doesn’t work and hone in on my nutritional needs based.. Read More