It seemed innocent. Harmless even.


My daughter is in gymnastics and doing quite well. I competed in gymnastics when I was young and loved every minute of it. So when my husband was trying some of her moves in the living room, I knew I had to join in.

I mean, I have looked for adult gymnastics classes before. There are none in my area. Something about the price of insurance. Whatever!

So there I was, faced with the need to do the best round off in the family.


Instead of being #1, I failed. Miserably. In fact, I am in so much pain I can hardly walk. Oh that troublesome hip. It has acted up every since…well, gymnastics when I was a kid. I am hoping it is just a pulled muscle and not worse. But I did learn a few lessons that I hope to pass on and prevent the next person from my folly.

  1. Warm-ups are crucial. Sitting at the computer and drinking coffee while paying the bills does not prepare one’s body for power, speed, and flexibility.
  2. No matter the fitness level a person keeps, at some point in life, there are limits. If it isn’t your sport, don’t expect to be able to jump right in. It begins taking time and practice and discipline.
  3. Pride has no place in a person’s life if they cannot recognize when a decision is stupid and for younger people. Best to laugh with the rest of them while you hobble away.

So, the next time you want to relive the younger years. Stop for just a moment. One small moment is all it takes to remember that you may not be 12 and the craziness can be left to the kids.

Till next time – Safety First!