Last weekend we hiked to Todd Lake. It is a small mountain lake with a view of Broken Top Mountain on one side and Mt. Bachelor on the other.  It is easy to get to and a nice walk around. The lake can be used for camping or hiking deep into the mountains.

We encountered both wildflowers and snow, which made the hike was a mixed bag for us. This time of year we are itching to get outside and explore, but the terrain is not quite ready for us.


There was time for the boy to sit and reflect.


The view of Mt. Bachelor was stunning.


The sling shot training was top notch.


The hammock lounging was relaxing.


But then it was time to return and the ground was wet when their wasn’t snow and cold when there was. Proper footwear wasn’t on the kids feet and we were all happy to get back to the car.



In the end, it was a great day. Being out in nature was just what we needed and there is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of grit in the process.