Collection of Gym Failures

Here at  OurFitnessReview, we tend to take some concepts seriously, which we originally thought to be foundational to fitness and exercise.  These concepts are:

1)  Be realistic about your goals

2)  Gather information to do things correctly

3)  Don’t risk injury

We have learned that we may be a little too idealistic in our thinking.  On any given day, you can find somebody risking injury by using training equipment in a way in which it was not intended.

This page is a dedication to those men and women who put their body directly in harms way (rule 3) by using fitness equipment incorrectly (rule 2) with direct intent to prove a point that us normal humans can not comprehend (rule 1).

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It’s too bad the gym doesn’t have a machine that allows this kind of workout….

The decline bench must have been used by somebody doing leg-lifts….

Building a solid base for entering Thunderdome:



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Ring pushups

These machines are taken