This last week was finally a great week in fitness for me. We were all healthy and the week was filled with activity.


I woke up early and went to the gym only to find that there were fire trucks outside and it was shut down. I still don’t know what happened. Other than the extra hour I could have slept, no big deal. We went to the rock gym in the evening and instead of climbing I headed to the weight room.

20 minutes on the eliptical (the treadmills were taken)

3 supersets of 10: cable straight arm pulldowns and front dumbbell raises

3 sets of 10: push ups with my feet on a stability ball

5 treadmill sprints: 30 seconds running at 8.0 and 30 seconds of rest

The cable straight arm pulldown is such a great back exercise. Here is a video of how to do it:


Rock climbing gym with friends. I climbed long routes since there are no kids and we can belay each other. I did a 5.10, attempted a 5.11, and then a 5.9

Went back to the rock climbing gym in the evening to go to yoga with my daughter. It was an intense and challenging workout.


My husband and I went for a run together. By together, I mean that we started and ended together. He is light years faster than me, but it is quality time for us. So, we decided on a turn around time and each go our out pace. I managed almostĀ  3 miles in just under 40 minutes.

We went back to the rock climbing gym again (we definitely get our moneys worth from there). They were having a bouldering competition that we wanted to watch. We did get some climbing in between watching the competition and I am getting better at v3’s and starting to attempt some v4’s.

In a rare turn of events, I managed to win a raffle prize!


We went skiing at Mt. Bachelor. Not only did we ski, but we managed to begin at 9 and go up until last chair. It was a mostly good day. There was one run that just was a little bit over my head and went on forever. The long run is great, but it was daunting and I just wanted to get back to what is familiar since I am only learning. I should say that a lot of progress was made though.

And, as we left, my 8 year old son looked longingly at the ski lift hoping for just one more run. We may have found his sport. Could he like something more costly? I doubt it.