There is still 20″ of snow out and the roads are covered in slush and ice.  It is another indoor workout day.  Here is my workout profile:

I can see right off the bat that I need to focus on bringing up my cadence.  I didn’t realize it was so low until I looked at this profile.  I thought I was just riding at what I usually ride at:  84.  Right now the garage is sitting about 30 degrees.  This may attribute to the low cadence, but once I was warmed up, I didn’t feel any temperature affects.

I guess I am just a little shocked at how slow I was turning the pedals.

Because I have a goal of standing on the podium and because weather is not cooperating,  I am going to have to depend more on “gadgets” to get me through.  I am going to add cadence to one of my data screens on my watch so I can keep a good monitor on that.

When I am indoor training, I will be monitoring Heart Rate, Time, and Cadence.