It was another winter day here.  It was 24 degrees when I got to the pool.  At this rate, the snow will be here until May.  If you have goals, it is important that weather is not a reason why they aren’t accomplished.  It is important to work around the weather.

It began snowing again while I was in the pool.  gratefully it was only trace accumulation.  It has been a long 5 weeks.

Today I did the following swim workout:

-300m Warm-up

-400m Drills

50m Kickboard

50m Backstroke

50m Closed Fist

50m on-side


-400 m Intervals

50m Sprint

50m Recovery

50m Fast to Slow

50m Slow to Fast


200m Main Set

100m slight push


200m Cool Down


In a previous master’s class, I was told that I need to increase my stroke turn-over.  I was told to shorten my reach and speed up the stroke.

In this workout, I did some closed-fist drills.  I was surprised at how much faster my stroke turnover was while I was using closed fists.  My goal is to really focus on matching my closed-fist turnover speed with open hands.  It is likely that I will need to get a song stuck in my head that has a beat similar to my desired stroke rate.  That way I can just rock out to the song and my stroke will be what I want it to be.