I went to the rock gym to get some climbing in. I was hoping to push out a few 5.11’s. Unfortunately, that drive went away rather quickly when I attempted my first 5.11- and wasn’t able to solve the problem.

Usually in situations like this, I will do a few 5.10’s to get back up to trying 5.11 again. I knew that I probably wasn’t going to capture the 5.11’s because of my earlier swim workout. I climbed several 5.9+, 5.10- and did some bouldering.

In terms of bouldering, I am comfortable with V2’s. I started noticing that I am able to skip holds on V2’s and 5.10’s. It isn’t a goal of mine to do so, but if I see a hold that gets me farther up the route, I go ahead and grab it.
…Now onto V3. I really can’t solve ANY V3’s that are put in front of me. I really don’t know what I am missing to make this happen. I don’t know if it is old age, lack of mobility, or bad shoes…but I can not for the life of me stay on the wall. Some of them I am not even able to make the first move. It is mildly infuriating.

There is a bouldering competition next week. I won’t be in it.