I haven’t been able to workout as usually lately. My setbacks are minor and short lived but I feel affected by them.

What are my setbacks?

The other night, I pulled a muscle in my neck while sleeping. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t turn my head to the right at all and many movements shot pain down my back. This heals quickly, but oh so annoying. Another issue is this consistent winter weather. We have had storm after storm here. They say it is the most snow we have had in 25 years. I can get out and about, but trying to stay safe. I have garage workout equipment, but the temperatures have been in the teens and below, so that has not been appealing.

It could be so much worse! But, my reality is that I usually work out much more than I have so far this year. And, I have goals. I have committed to blogging all of my workouts this year. I had grandeur plans of intense, innovative workouts to share with people who need fresh ideas, motivation, and help getting started or getting out of a rut. Instead in 10 days, I have worked out 3 times!

The truth is that there will always be setbacks. No matter what the endeavor is, there will be setbacks. Things won’t go as planned. Obstacles will appear in the path.  Discouragement will happen. But, everyday is a new day to renew hope and keep moving forward.

Many people are not for New Years Resolutions because we give up so quickly. But, we don’t have to give up. We can acknowledge and accept the reality of what it looks like to chase after something and keep moving forward.

I have 3 ideas for those who are dealing with setbacks minor or major.

Look at the big picture.

My goals are not short term, they are long term. Time for a proper healing is worth the quicker recovery and brings a higher probability of future success.

Remember the goals. Alter them if needed.

I am looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long and satisfying life. A few less workouts in the beginning of the year isn’t going to be able to derail me from this goal.

Many are derailed by serious illness and injury. I would say this same thing can apply too. A year of slow, easy movement might be just the need for future success. Being willing to slow down may be the new goal.

Create a new road map.

I was resting to let my pulled muscle get better and that became part of my plan. But now the snow doesn’t need to stop me. I am used to have a few ways to workout, but there are unlimited possibilities. There are so many workouts that could be done in my bedroom or living room. It doesn’t look the same as what I had in mind, but I just need to re-route and get moving.

Now, I am going to find a great home workout video so that I can try someones fresh ideas and meet my goals!