Paper Shower Review: Cooling down and Cleaning up at the office.

I received a product from a company called StrideBox.  They are a monthly subscription box that sends you samples of nutrition, creams, massage tools, safety gear, and all sorts of things.  It is essentially a surprise grab-bag that you receive every month. One of the things in the StrideBox was a “Paper Shower”. Now I work in an office.  This office doesn’t have a shower. Cooling down and getting back to.. Read More

My Natural Deodorant Trial

I had high hopes that I would try a few natural deodorants and share the one that I fell in love with. There are so many out there and I haven’t given up…or maybe I have. I tried 3 different kinds that were easy to find in the store and affordable. None of them did the trick. I really would like to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that I.. Read More