Any event takes a lot of people working together to pull off and almost all of them could use more volunteers whether it is a PTA fundraiser or Ironman. We love volunteering for many events and have never regretted a single one. Well, except for the one that didn’t tell me where to go or who to talk to and I didn’t end up getting to help at all. That probably doesn’t really count though.

No matter what type of fitness you are into there is an event that could use help. Running events are probably the easiest because they happen all of the time, but triathlon, crossfit, bodybuilding, and any sport will have some sort of competition that could probably use your help.

 Experience an event before participating in one.

Have you always wondered what it is like to compete or participate in your sports events? Or maybe a little intimidated to sign up? Volunteering will give you an up close and personal experience without the commitment. You can know what is needed, how to prepare, and see how the athletes make it through the day.

I volunteered for a Tough Mudder with a friend once. We were both interested in signing up, but hadn’t yet. We ended up at the finish line and watched people all day getting shocked after their 13 miles of obstacles. I heard people declare they smelled something burning! I went on to decide that the Tough Mudder isn’t for me, but my friend ended up doing it.

Get to know people/Build community

Working together with a group of people whose goal is just to help others meet their goal is unifying. Plus the people there will have the same interest as you. We have made some great friends by volunteering for events. We have also been able to meet some great athletes. Events are busy, but it is always a hurry up and wait situation. So, there is plenty of time to shoot the breeze and make a new friend.

Discounts on Future Events or Access to the Main Event

You many not always get a discount, but usually you do. There can be discounts to other events put on by the same company or maybe you get to see the main event that you would have had to pay for if you weren’t volunteering.

Smaller events wouldn’t be able to survive without a plethora of enthusiastic and dependable people. It is valuable to them. Also, we have participated in so many running and triathlon events. They are expensive and we really wouldn’t be able to do it without some discounts for at least some of them.

I will always remember volunteering for the Ironman Coeur d’Alene. We helped at the finish line from 9pm – Midnight. I handed out hats and Shaun helped the athletes through the chute. Some people didn’t even look light they had been exercising for the last 15 hours straight…and some did. It was fascinating and exciting. We felt like we were a small part of their journey and we had the best seats there.

Motivation for an Upcoming Event

If your main event is coming up and you want to get excited, volunteer! Watch all of those people compete or cross the finish line. See all of their hard work paying off for them on their big day. Have a chance to personally congratulate people and tell them they are doing or did a great job. People pour their sweat and some tears into this stuff. If you need motivation, you know that because you have poured sweat and tears into it as well. You can be a spectator, but you can make the experience more intimate by volunteering.

It’s Fun!

It really is. If you love the sport, then you will love being a part of it. Don’t get me wrong, the whole day isn’t a party. It can be hard work. We have always enjoyed being part of events though.

You can make it as fun as you want. Host a water station, play music and make some funny/encouraging signs. Find some other ways to personalize the experience. What would you want if you were competing? Everyone cheering, excitement, seriousness. Support them the way you would want to be supported and everyone gets to enjoy a better event.