I went for a run yesterday. It was the best of runs…it was the worst of runs.

This is a picture of how I felt for most of it:

Shaun and I decided to go out to a beautiful road that is well known for endurance athletes of all kinds. We knew we were headed to a bit more snow and higher elevation, but were optimistic.

Across the street from where we parked was an overturned vehicle waiting to be towed. The police officer was near by to watch for safety of others.

Flipped car from icy roads

The road was icy. You can see behind me it looks like there is a nice clear shoulder, but it was a lot of black ice. I only knew I was safe if there was sand or the gravel was exposed. Then there was also wind pushing against me as I ice skated up this consistent gradual hill.

Yes, I am a whiner. Really of the worst sorts. But along the way, I found a good mental place. I considered how this is making my next run easier and faster. The odds felt stacked against me and I need those runs to toughen me up. I need to push uphill in the wind and ice to know that I am capable and getting stronger.

It was just a 3 mile run for me (thankfully). At 1.5 miles I turned around and it was a bit downhill. The sun was already melting a bit more of the ice away. The wind was pushing me forward. I was finally past the first 2 miles and found my breath and my stride. Just a small amount of encouragement at the end to help me get out there for that next run.

Goal update

Here are my stats for the run:

I still have a long way to go for my goal of a 12 minute mile by the end of the month. But, my last mile of the run was 11:42. The first two miles were much longer. It has always taken me 1-2 miles to warm up, so we will see what next week’s long run looks like. I will go up to 4 miles.

I still need to work on getting more consistent during the week. This should fit in with some of the snow melting and finally leaving some pavement to run on and the days getting longer so I can run early morning. The combination of darkness and snow/ice is just not realistic for me right now.


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