I had high hopes that I would try a few natural deodorants and share the one that I fell in love with. There are so many out there and I haven’t given up…or maybe I have. I tried 3 different kinds that were easy to find in the store and affordable. None of them did the trick. I really would like to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that I slather on my body, but I don’t want to smell bad either.

I can’t have gluten. I haven’t been tested for Celiac or intolerance for a few reasons, but I can tell you that I will get ill if there are gluten ingredients in my skincare. I get headaches and mild nausea just from having wheat in my face moisturizer. So, I am not skeptical that aluminum spread onto my armpits would be unsafe in the long run. Oh, but I like to smell good. It seems a little shallow, but it is reality. Who takes a person with bad body odor seriously?

#1 Kiss My Face – Lavender Liquid Rock Deodorant

Kiss My Face Natural Deodorant

I tried this first because I heard someone else say that they use it and it works great for them. I believe in people’s hormones creating a different results, but I really think this made me smell worse than when I don’t wear any deodorant. I am a fan of the Kiss My Face brand and so I will say this is probably a great product for some, but not for me.


#2 Jason Tea Tree Deodorant Stick

Jason Natural Deodorant

The Jason deodorant worked a bit better, but I wasn’t so much a fan of the scent. When I broke a sweat the scent of the deodorant would get strong and not fully cover the scent of the body odor. It was a strange mixture. I did believe a different scent might be better for me, so at some point I might try the brand again.


#3 Tom’s Original Care Deodorant – Unscented

Tom's Natural Deodorant

This was my favorite. I learned from the first two and went with unscented. I don’t want to smell like deodorant. I just don’t want to smell at all. This did work, but didn’t last long. While through the day it was fine, it wore off by the evening. Possibly it should expected to have to reapply the deodorant when it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. So, Tom’s isn’t ruled out.

Wrapping Up

I needed a break from worrying about if I smelled bad or not, so I went back to my good old cancer causing stuff for now. I would like to swear it off for good at some point though. I am just not sure I am willing to compromise. Compromising would mean two things.

#1 – Not being able to be confident about sweating.

#2 – Paying too much money for that confidence.

More trials to come!