I am finally starting to get into the groove. Today is a designated rest day and yet I want to get out there and go for a run. It is really nice to be motivated again and very helpful when putting together my workout plan.

Last Week Summary

Last week began with self care. I just wanted to get healthy again. By Thursday, I was well enough to go to yoga. Since I hadn’t exercised for a few days and was getting over a pretty bad cold I ended up being really sore, which was not a bad thing at all.

Friday I went for an easy jog. Just 2.25 miles at a 12.10 pace. The pace was exciting, since this is really some good progress for me and I am looking on track to meet my February goal of a 12 minute mile pace.

Saturday was a free family carnival night at the community center. The kids and husband swam and tried out some scuba and I joined a friend on the elliptical for 20 minutes. It was some good unplanned cardio.

Sunday I went for a 4 mile long run. It was a great run. The weather was sunny, then windy, then snowing. My pace was a little slower than I would have liked, but I haven’t run 4 miles in a long time so I focused on having grace for myself and just pushing as much as I was comfortable for the distance.

We also went to the rock gym for some climbing in the afternoon. A good workout to finish off a big day.

This Week’s Workout Plan

I am going to start incorporating a hill workout into each week my running up Pilot Butte.

There will be 1 or 2 shorter runs of 2-3 miles with a pace focus. In a few weeks, I plan to begin some speed workouts. For now, my weekday runs will just have some specific pace goals.

Long run…I haven’t quite decided. If I fit 3 runs into the week, a 5 mile long run may be too much additional mileage for the week. If I only get 2 runs in, a 5 mile long run should be fine. It really is important not to increase weekly mileage by too much from week to week, so I will be happy with a 4 mile long run again if my weekly mileage has increased.

TRX! I will be putting together a running specific TRX workout to help with some of my weaknesses.

We are also hoping to go skiing and of course we will do some rock climbing as well.

Too much? It sure sounds like a lot. My workouts will be prioritized as they are ordered. Again, I am focused on grace for myself. No negative self talk. This is a process of finding joy in my accomplishments and learning from the rest.  Beating myself up for any of it isn’t going to help me meet my goals.