This weekend we didn’t have any plans and Shaun had a cold. It has been a long winter and we didn’t want to be at home. So we decided to go to the beach. The idea came up, we looked for a place to spend the night and 30 minutes later we were on the road.

It is a 3-4 hour drive to the beach from where we live and we don’t go often enough. There is something about the ocean that reminds me of things bigger than myself.

After the long ride in the car we immediately went to the beach. The tide was out and we chased the waves, looked for seashells and pretty rocks, and breathed in the fresh air.

Then we went to the docks to watch the sea lions. They are interesting animals that we could watch all day long.


After that it was time for dinner. This is always a problem for us. I am not sure why. We found a great restaurant, but there was only one person working and it seems like it would take a long time to get food. So, we headed south with a plan to stop somewhere and there just wasn’t anything. It is still winter and the beach towns are on winter hours. Luckily there was a subway just past where we were staying and it turned out to be perfect. We don’t usually stop at Subway, but they made a great salad and sandwiches.

We stayed at a cabin at the KOA. It was perfect. We didn’t need anything special for one night. Just a place that was protected from the elements and it was only $55. Overnight it began to rain buckets of water and we were so grateful we didn’t try to camp in a tent.

In the morning we went to breakfast at Pig ‘n Pancake, which is always an Oregon Coast stop. Then we went to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Wax Works museum. It was fun and something we had wanted to take the kids to. It gave us a lot of walking to work off of the breakfast!

While at the coast we wanted to get some shopping that we can’t get in our small town which took us headed north. On the way we were surprised with a treat.

The tide was in and the water was shooting up the sea wall. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you forget about the noise and just enjoy a moment.

Then we shopped and got the kids some new pants so that they can go to school without showing their ankles! From there it was home. The rain that we had overnight had made its way to the mountain and the pass was slow going and almost white out conditions, but it was beautiful and we made it home safely.

Total cost of the weekend was $200 for the cabin, food, shopping, and activities. We made it there and back on one tank of gas. We could easily spend that much by trying to occupy ourselves here in town, so I am very happy with the weekend.

How was your weekend?