My husband has always talked about the ‘3 sport day’. You know it has been a good day when you have done 3 sports. I have thought it to be a strange and funny thing, but it has fueled our lifestyle of many different sports.

This came up the other day. I woke up and went for a 3 mile run (sport #1). After my run I finished with some TRX for some hip/core work and stretching (sport #2). In the evening my daughter and I went to the rock gym for a yoga class (sport #3). After yoga we climbed a few routes before going home (sport #4).

I wanted to dismiss his 4 sport day comment as no big deal. I went for a run and went to yoga, the other things were just small additions. But, why do that? I made extra time in my morning for TRX after my 3 mile run! I made extra time after an intense, back bendy yoga class to get a little climbing in! I rocked my Thursday with workouts all over the place!

The next day I earned a rest day before Saturday skiing and hopefully a long run on Sunday. This now sounds crazy and braggy. But it is a lifestyle for us. When we plan our activities, they are intentionally active. And I know my husband is always looking at having a 3 sport day. Probably the reason why triathlon has been his favorite sport.

Have you had a 3 sport day recently? It can be simple. A hike to rock climbing, then swimming to cool off. Maybe a bike ride to the gym and then some rollerblading. Or maybe it is just the good old swim, bike, run. Celebrate that hard work!