I am not saying it is pretty, but it is a pop up camper. We have wanted one for what seems like forever. This tent trailer is going to take us on many adventures. It just needs a little remodel first. It is our first big project really. We have never bought a fixer upper anything and we are kind of excited about it.

Here are the ‘before’ shots. We plan to post along the way as we fix it up so that we can post all of the adventures it takes us on. Oh, this thing needs a good name.

We set out to purchase the cheapest tent trailer we could find. It was pure luck getting this thing…or was it? Man, it was dirty! I just couldn’t sell something dirty like this was. Mold and dead flies everywhere. We thought it was falling apart, but then I took some simple green to the counter tops and swiffered the floor. It turns out that it is just dirty. The mold will be the biggest concern, but since we live in really low humidity, that should get taken care of quickly.

Yes, the cushions are not set up right in this picture. I know. But look at that classic fabric! I am sure some recovering is going to happen here. And the curtains, we will get new curtains put up.


The floor will be re-done too. It looks like a lot of people go with peel and stick wood flooring and I like that look. We will have to look around and see. The budget is a low as possible for this project.

We took the coverings off of all of the cushions right away. They need a good wash and we are letting the foam air out.

We will paint over all of the wood paneling to give it an updated look. The canvas is a wait and see right now. It has been patched and I am hoping it just looks bad because of mildew that we can dry out and wash off. But a little time will give us the truth here.


MOLD!!! I am allergic and this stuff makes me sick. We will clean, maybe sand the wood a bit and paint.



So, there it is. We are hoping to make this thing look awesome for some comfortable camping trips to travel all over the place. It isn’t pretty right now, but we can work with it. A little TLC will make this pop up camper a great space to enjoy the outdoors.