I am a big TRX fan. As someone who has only recently picked running back up after a long break, I have some weaknesses. But, the good news is that my weaknesses are common to many runners. I put this workout together to help strengthen my weaknesses and I think it can help any runner!

The Weaknesses to Strengthen

#1 – I would like to promote a forward lean. I have spent a lot of time focused on heavy lifting and have a habit of sitting back. It holds me back in skiing and running. I would like to improve my forward lean and running tall.

#2 – I want to strengthen my glutes and hamstrings. I just want to wake them up and get used to kicking back more in my stride.

#3 – Lateral movements. I need lateral movements to prevent hip and knee pain. It will strengthen leg muscles that running doesn’t use as much and prevent some of the IT band tightness.

#4 – Core Strength. A strong core helps to stay strong and in good form throughout a long run.

#5 – Stretching. The TRX is my favorite stretching aid, but I will save the details of that for a different post.

The Overview

Superset #1: Sprinter start and Front Squat. 3 sets of 10 (each leg for the sprinter start). This is to promote a forward lean.

Superset #2: Hamstring Runner and Hip Press. 3 sets of 10 (each leg for the runners). This is to strengthen and activate the glutes an hamstrings.

Abducted Lunge. 3 sets of 15 on each leg. Something for the lateral strength.

Hip Drop. 2 sets of 15 on each side. My favorite oblique exercise!

TRX Pike. 3 sets of 10. Feel the burn on those abs.

The Tutorial

I have put together a playlist with instructions for each exercise. In the upper left corner you can pick move between the different video’s. Enjoy!


I have linked up with Wild Workout Wednesday’s this week over at The Fit Foodie Mama! Check out the other great blogs there.


This week I have linked up with The Fit Foodie Mama for Wild Workout Wednesday’s!