I am just 9 weeks out from my first relay event and my motivation is high to be successful and support my team well. I have put together a detailed plan with pace goals and I wanted to share it with you!

The Race

It is a 200 mile relay with 12 people. I do not yet know my legs and it can be as short as 11 miles or as long as 20 (I know I won’t get that so really as long as maybe 18), spread over 3 runs in 24 hours.

The Pace

I have set a goal of accomplishing a pace of a 10 minute mile for a 10k distance and I have some work to do to get there. I took a good look at my recent runs and found that I am capable of this goal, but some of my runs have been a little more comfortable than they should. I can be really consistent at a 12:30 pace on an easy run and I need to stay at 12:00 or less. I have done some harder runs that are unstructured, but if I want to meet my goals I need to focus.

For the next 8 weeks, here are my pacing goals:

Slow and Long (or short) Race Pace Long Interval Short Interval
12 min 10 min 9:29 min 8:42

I will be signing up for a 10k half way through this plan to get a practice event in and test my pacing progress.

The Plan

I am a little nervous putting this plan out there. I could share gym workouts all day long, but this is my first detailed running plan and it is really different than other plans I have built for myself.

I am typically slow to recover. It is one of the things I need to train with though since it is a 3 run in 24 hour race. I have a 2 run day most weeks and did one of them this week and it went well. The 2 run day’s are really important to this training. The long run and interval training are also really important for me for this event and my goals.

I am letting myself take an extra day of when/if needed. Each week, if I need an extra day off, I will either let go of my strength/yoga workout or one of my easy runs depending on why I feel like I need a day off. For example, if I am sore or have any pain, I will keep that strength/yoga for some prevention and maintenance. If I am just tired I will let go of one of one of my short runs.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 16-Apr Rest 3 easy Interval training strength/yoga 3 7
Week 2 23-Apr Rest 3 easy Interval training strength/yoga 2, 2 3 10
Week 3 30-Apr Rest 4 easy Interval training strength/yoga 3, 3 4 10
Week 4 7-May Rest 4 easy Interval training strength/yoga Tempo 4 8, 3
Week 5 14-May Rest 4 easy Interval training strength/yoga Tempo 4 7, 4
Week 6 21-May Rest 4 easy Interval training strength/yoga 2, 2 4 12
Week 7 28-May Rest 5 easy Interval training strength/yoga 3, 2 3 12
Week 8 4-Jun Rest 5 easy Interval training strength/yoga rest 3 5
Week 9 11-Jun Rest 2 mile at race pace 3 mile easy 1 mile tempo repeats Rest Epic Relay Epic Relay

I just need to learn the extra features on my watch to be more aware of my pace and stay motivated until race day.

I will follow up with progress as I go!