This post is brought to you by…needing a break from my Running Coach Certification test. Last weekend was a deluge of information that I cannot wait to share with others. My desire to take the RRCA Running Coach Certification Course started with needing some continuing education for my personal trainer certification and ended with really wanting to improve my running and having more tools in the toolbelt to help others.

So, I got into the car and began the 5 hour drive to Boise on Friday.

The family was going to come with me and we were going to camp, but the weather was not going to be good. Since we had just returned from our vacation the family stayed home and I went for a weekend on my own. I took advantage of that!

It was 16 hours of classroom work over two days. I have taken a lot of continuing education since becoming a personal trainer and this was one of my favorites (I also highly recommend TRX Certification Classes).

The RRCA has put together a well organized and information packed class. I learned a lot of principles of running that I didn’t really understand before. I look forward to implementing what I have learned in my training and helping others as well.

Now I am working on the test in order to say that I am certified. This has called for some wine and brownies (I did run two 3 mile runs yesterday afterall).

My focus in training has always been injury prevention and working with clients with chronic injuries and illnesses. I really believe this class has equipped me to take that knowledge and translate it better for runners.

Better get back to that test!

Until the next adventure,