I’ll start by saying that I write this from a place of perspective and not educated knowledge. I have an experience to share about my running shoes and maybe it will help others with their running shoes.

When I was young, I was in gymnastics. I was working many hours a week and very flexible. Then I quit and I did nothing. I ruined by hips by stopping all exercise cold turkey and it has been a life long battle to keep them healthy and pain free.

So, when I walk into a shoe store, they ask if I have any pain issues. I answer yes, because of my hips and tend to end up with IT Band pain and had a bout with runners knee. They put me in stability shoes and send me on my way. I continue to fight the pain. I go to the doctor and they tell me I have a tight piriformis and send me on my way. I never find relief or correction.

One day, I was listening to this podcast and the lady was going crazy about Nike Free running shoes and how other shoes cause pain. Now, I am not one to run out and buy something, but my current shoes had been causing me heel pain. I had never dealt with that before and knew I needed something different. I had never tried neutral shoes and though it might be a good idea to give this idea a try.

No pain! I have no pain! It might be the first time in my life. I go for a run and I don’t spend the evening laying on the floor stretching out my hip to try and sleep that night.

I don’t know what the training is at running shoe stores. I have always promoted them and some are better than others or it can depend on who the salesperson is. I don’t want to take anything away from them. I know our local shoe store can be credited with a large part of building the thriving running community we have. I don’t know what kind of research is out there looking into shoes and who should wear what.

My main point is to give different types of shoes a try if you are one to struggle with pain and have seen a doctor about it. I had been in different types of stability shoes and went with the Nike Free RN Distance Neutral shoes. I never would have bought them before and they are changing my life. I am not even exaggerating! I am putting in more miles and feeling great. I am actually loving running in a whole new way right now.

If you are here, I hope you would comment! What kind of shoe are you wearing for your workouts?

Until the next adventure.