Today is 30 days from race day. There is a buzz of excitement in the air and I am starting to think about final preparations.

The most important thing I can say is…Nothing New! I am done with trying new drink mixes or gels or before and after nutrition. It is time to be firm on what works and what doesn’t work and hone in on my nutritional needs based on specific products.

Tomorrow I get a happy package of GU Watermelon Gels in the mail. We will also get Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy. The second is not as common of a product for running, but we have used it for years now for our training and really like it.

During the Run

I like gels. I get hungry when I run and by body can tend to turn to protein for energy so I take nutrition a little more than others. I will take a gel for anything more than 5 miles. I am not too fast (yet) so based on time this is not outside of recommended nutrition.

Mostly I just drink water when I run. I have been trying different electrolyte drinks and there are a couple I like, but I find that I would prefer to drink water and have a gel. I will use the amino drink on race day. Since it is a 24 hour relay, I expect to want the caffeine after my first run. I won’t use much of it, but I will have some training runs with the drink so that my body is used to it.

Before the Run

There are a couple of things that I like before a run and one thing I don’t like. I don’t like running on empty. Some people do, I don’t. My times don’t seem to affected, but I am distracted by hunger (I know, I’m weird).

Cereal. I like to eat some cheerios or chex before a run. It is easy to digest and gives me just the right amount of protein and carbs.

Muesli. I do like to make some oats soaked in greek yogurt and almond milk. I will add a little peanut butter and fruit or berries.

Banana. If I need a really small something right before a run, a banana does a great job.

I can also do fine running after dinner as long as it isn’t too fatty or that I don’t over eat.

Post Run

Protein shakes are always my go to if it is convenient. I like to get that quick nutrition for some recovery before I try eating a full meal. I usually use almond milk as the liquid base, but regular milk works too if I am out of almond milk.

I used to get fancy and make elaborate smoothies, but now I just shake up some protein powder and milk and put my feet up!

Nothing New on Race Day!

No matter what your products or patterns are, nothing new on race day. Why jinx it? I always think that, while you may be just fine, making changes or trying something different just adds stress. Your body needs as little stress as possible. Just the race itself can send your body into crazytown. Just ask the race day porta potties! Set your patterns and habits according to your race needs so that you just need to go through the motions.