Many things happen on a long run, but two that I find to affect me are getting bored and losing form as I get tired. I have found that if I remind myself of a few helpful running form tips, I will pass some time and refocus in the process.

#1: Run Tall

As runners get tired they can slump, which just makes running harder. When you start to get tired or bored think about running tall. Chest high, head up, shoulders back. Just correcting your posture will re-energize your run and help you get through.

#2: Fast Feet

When the running gets tough the feel slow down. This is not efficient though. Take some time to think about increasing your cadence. It isn’t about speeding up, it is just about moving your feet at a faster rate. It will use less energy and get you back on track.

#3: Push the Ground Behind You

It is natural to think about propelling yourself forward, but just changing that mindset to pushing the ground behind you can change everything. Think about using your big toe to throw that ground away.

There are many other form cues, but I find that those three can help me get through my long run with better form.