Today we are doing the 3 big strength moves and finishing with an ab circuit. Each strength exercise will be paired with a another exercise to make some awesome supersets.

First warm up. Do 5-10 minutes of your favorite cardio then do a warm up set of each of the 3 main exercises (little to no weight for 15 reps).

The Workout

Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each superset.

#1 Back Squat – Monster Band Squats


This video is a little different, but I couldn’t find a video for the way I wanted it done. Below is the closest, except standing is better. Slow and controlled is the goal and I would incorporate a little more of a squat than just the thrust. For the purpose of this workout, use your core and don’t hold onto the bars.

#2 Deadlift – Kettle Bell Swing

#3 Bend Press – Ring/TRX/Bar Row


To finish, complete 3 rounds of these 3 ab exercises.

15 reps of crunches

30 scissors (or 15 each leg)

30 mountain climbers (or 15 each leg)



Make sure to end with a cool down and stretch.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to check with your doctor before exercise and take care to reach out to a trainer for guidance if you are not familiar with these exercises so that you can perform them with correct for to prevent injury.