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More about Sarah

I am a certified personal trainer of over 10 years and a certified running coach through RRCA. While I love being active, I am not a natural athlete. You may not see me on any podiums, but you will see me working hard and constantly improving. I desire to spread the love of health and fitness to others by showing that it is fun and exciting. We use sports and exercise to bring our family together and enjoy life to the fullest.

I rock climb, hike, run, and love to pick up heavy things and put them back down (ie: weight lifting)

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More about Shaun

I am a typical, middle-aged athlete.  I have a full time job as an Engineer.  I am a father and a husband.  These things come first to me.  I have always had a spirit of adventure and lengthy fitness goals.  I am happy to not only be able to accomplish many goals, but still have adventures with my family.

I have been skiing for 30 years.  20 years ago, I was I was a competition rock climber and inline skater.

I currently choose triathlon to be the source of my agony.  I have competed in several Sprint Distances, Olympic Distances, and two Long course races.  I have 2 podium finishes in sprint races.

When racing, I am consistently in the top 10% of short races (Sprints, 5k), Top 30% in Medium races (Olympic, 10K) and top 50% in long courses (70.3+, 13.1).

I love the racing, but more importantly, I love the lifestyle of fitness and adventure.