Spring Break Vacation: Baja Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise

We always go on a vacation for spring break. It is the thing that gets us through a long winter. This year we decided to go on a Carnival Cruise. We had gone on an Alaskan Cruise previously, but this was the first cruise for the kids. The cruise left from Long Beach, California with stops in Catalina and Ensenada. But first, we had a 14 hour drive to Long.. Read More

Weekend Getaway = Food for the Soul

This weekend we didn’t have any plans and Shaun had a cold. It has been a long winter and we didn’t want to be at home. So we decided to go to the beach. The idea came up, we looked for a place to spend the night and 30 minutes later we were on the road. It is a 3-4 hour drive to the beach from where we live and.. Read More

My First Ski Lesson

This weekend, I had my first ski lesson. Many years ago I snowboarded, but I never took a lesson and was never very good. Last year I started skiing and it was time for a lesson. I will admit, I was nervous about it. But, the kids have been in lessons and the husband is a really good skier. So, either I need to learn or stay at home when.. Read More

Snowshoeing Tumalo Mountain

The title of this post is slightly dishonest. It snowed all week long and the mountain had a couple of feet of fresh powder. The traffic was steady up the mountain and the parking lot to snowshoe where we wanted was full. We didn’t let it stop us, but our detour added so much extra time we couldn’t make it to the top. It was a stormy day anyway, so.. Read More

Skiing in Early Winter Conditions

Last weekend we went up to Mt. Bachelor for the first ski day of the season. It was really a week too early, but the kids were signed up for lessons, so we went. It was a beautiful day. It was an icy day. I felt like I was starting over, like I didn’t ski at all last year. It was my first time skiing in less than perfectly powdery.. Read More

Green Lakes in 3 Sisters Wilderness

This summer we accomplished something we have wanted to for a while. We hiked to Green Lakes with the kids. It is nearly 9 miles round trip! The hike is at a high elevation and on the longer side, but it is easy. The lakes sit in a valley between the peaks of South Sister and Broken Top Mountains. The majority of the hike is along a river with small.. Read More

Melting Snow Hike

Last weekend we hiked to Todd Lake. It is a small mountain lake with a view of Broken Top Mountain on one side and Mt. Bachelor on the other.  It is easy to get to and a nice walk around. The lake can be used for camping or hiking deep into the mountains. We encountered both wildflowers and snow, which made the hike was a mixed bag for us. This.. Read More

Paulina Falls and the Big Obsidian Flow

We finally made our way out to Paulina Lake in the Deschutes National Forest. It has been on the list of to do’s for a while now. We just went for a couple of hours, but there seems to be endless camping, so hopefully the next trip will involve a bit more adventure. There are two lakes, hot springs, camping, fishing, a crater hike, a drive to a mountain peak,.. Read More

Meadow Camp Hike

Today we had a glimpse of spring sunshine. There is something deep down inside that urges us to get outside after a streak of bad weather. It was a good idea too, because a storm threatened us at the end and it is pouring down rain now. Meadow Camp, Bend, Oregon was the destination of the day. It is on the Deschutes River on the way up to Mount Bachelor,.. Read More