Sarah’s 1/6/17 Workout: Yoga

My 10 year old daughter wanted to go to Yoga. The rock gym that we are members of has free yoga for members, so the answer was yes. The class filled up and it was a close and intimate yoga session filled with sweating and farting. The instructor was great and lead an intense class. She talked about the focus of the class to be child like, but I believe.. Read More

Sarah’s 1/4/17 Workout: Rock Climbing Gym

Last night we went to the rock climbing gym as a family. I started with the treadmill, where I can run and watch the kiddos climb up the wall. I wanted to run for at least a mile, but made it just under. My lungs were burning! I am not sure if I pushed myself more than what I am ready for or if the extreme cold outside is making.. Read More

Sarah’s 1/2/2017 Workout: Circuit and Abs

Today was a gym day. The family has the day off and will be going to the rock climbing gym without me, so I had to get my workout in at the gym before heading into work. I will generally focus on a certain muscle group in the gym, but I was just looking to burn some calories today. So I focused on a circuit workout. I started with cardio.. Read More

5 Ways to Stay Fit Through the Winter

It is officially winter! Now that we are past the winter solstice, the days are getting longer. Slowly, but surely. I feel like we are halfway through winter and this idea of ‘officially winter’ reminds me that there are many cold days ahead of me. So, how do we stay fit through the winter? As you can see from the picture above, we are not afraid to hike in the.. Read More

Collection of Gym Failures

Here at  OurFitnessReview, we tend to take some concepts seriously, which we originally thought to be foundational to fitness and exercise.  These concepts are: 1)  Be realistic about your goals 2)  Gather information to do things correctly 3)  Don’t risk injury We have learned that we may be a little too idealistic in our thinking.  On any given day, you can find somebody risking injury by using training equipment in.. Read More

Gymnastics Fail at 35

It seemed innocent. Harmless even.   My daughter is in gymnastics and doing quite well. I competed in gymnastics when I was young and loved every minute of it. So when my husband was trying some of her moves in the living room, I knew I had to join in. I mean, I have looked for adult gymnastics classes before. There are none in my area. Something about the price.. Read More