GPS Watch vs. Phone App

I have always used a low end Garmin watch to track my distance and pace on my runs. Now that I am running with a phone that has data, I wondered how well the apps work and which would I prefer. For about the next month or two I used both. My Watch: I have a Garmin Forerunner 10. I bought it for the price and it has lasted through.. Read More

Paper Shower Review: Cooling down and Cleaning up at the office.

I received a product from a company called StrideBox.  They are a monthly subscription box that sends you samples of nutrition, creams, massage tools, safety gear, and all sorts of things.  It is essentially a surprise grab-bag that you receive every month. One of the things in the StrideBox was a “Paper Shower”. Now I work in an office.  This office doesn’t have a shower. Cooling down and getting back to.. Read More

My Natural Deodorant Trial

I had high hopes that I would try a few natural deodorants and share the one that I fell in love with. There are so many out there and I haven’t given up…or maybe I have. I tried 3 different kinds that were easy to find in the store and affordable. None of them did the trick. I really would like to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that I.. Read More

Bend Rock Gym’s “Finals Bash” Climbing Competition Review

So you may be asking yourself…What is so cool about a bouldering competition?  Good Question. A few decades ago, I was into competition climbing.  It wasn’t really a thing at that time so the formats were dubious and there was very little consistency.  Bouldering certainly wasn’t a thing.  If my selfish reasons are exposed, it would be safe to say that the reason I got into competitions was so that.. Read More

The Importance of Good Running Shoes

I bought new running shoes this week. My Brooks Pure Cadence’s had many miles on them and were starting to cause a pain in my heel when I ran, which really means that I wore them much longer than I should have. So, knowing that have put my money in on the Oregon Epic Relay and will be putting a lot of miles on these feet in the next few.. Read More