Moving the Treadmill for Increased Workouts

I heard the other day that we have received 50 inches of snow since the beginning of December. We are close to the mountains and get snow regularly, but our precipitation is just not generally enough for that. Plus, we have had very cold temperatures. This unusual weather caused an elementary school roof collapse, which has taken the kids our of school for 9 days now. They may go back.. Read More

First Time Athlete or Returning Athlete? Heart Rate, Heart Rate, Heart Rate…

There is a returning story from recovering heroine addicts.  Their first dose was small.  As their addiction kicks in, so does their ability to consume more.  Hopefully, they are able to get into recovery.  Now what happens many times when a heroine addict relapses and goes back to the drug, their body is not able to absorb the drug and over-doses occur.   This summer I have a goal:  To.. Read More

Sarah’s Workouts: Week in Review

  It has been a flurry of activity around here. Snow days kept the kids home 4 out of the 5 days, which made for a strange and improvised week. I did find some workout videos to do here at home for these days where it seems to be difficult to get out of the house and a little cold to workout in the garage. I did this video and.. Read More

Staying Motivated Through Setbacks

  I haven’t been able to workout as usually lately. My setbacks are minor and short lived but I feel affected by them. What are my setbacks? The other night, I pulled a muscle in my neck while sleeping. When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t turn my head to the right at all and many movements shot pain down my back. This heals quickly, but oh so.. Read More

Sarah’s 1/6/17 Workout: Yoga

My 10 year old daughter wanted to go to Yoga. The rock gym that we are members of has free yoga for members, so the answer was yes. The class filled up and it was a close and intimate yoga session filled with sweating and farting. The instructor was great and lead an intense class. She talked about the focus of the class to be child like, but I believe.. Read More

Sarah’s 1/4/17 Workout: Rock Climbing Gym

Last night we went to the rock climbing gym as a family. I started with the treadmill, where I can run and watch the kiddos climb up the wall. I wanted to run for at least a mile, but made it just under. My lungs were burning! I am not sure if I pushed myself more than what I am ready for or if the extreme cold outside is making.. Read More

Sarah’s 1/2/2017 Workout: Circuit and Abs

Today was a gym day. The family has the day off and will be going to the rock climbing gym without me, so I had to get my workout in at the gym before heading into work. I will generally focus on a certain muscle group in the gym, but I was just looking to burn some calories today. So I focused on a circuit workout. I started with cardio.. Read More

5 Ways to Stay Fit Through the Winter

It is officially winter! Now that we are past the winter solstice, the days are getting longer. Slowly, but surely. I feel like we are halfway through winter and this idea of ‘officially winter’ reminds me that there are many cold days ahead of me. So, how do we stay fit through the winter? As you can see from the picture above, we are not afraid to hike in the.. Read More

Homemade Fruit and Nut Bars

There are a ton of different types of bars out there that come down to 2 things. Dates and nuts. They are sought after for being great natural choices for pre and post workout fuel. But they are also pricey. The homemade versions of the classic energy bar are just a bit cheaper and you can add any additions that you are interested in. I hope you enjoy this fruit.. Read More

My First Ski Lesson

This weekend, I had my first ski lesson. Many years ago I snowboarded, but I never took a lesson and was never very good. Last year I started skiing and it was time for a lesson. I will admit, I was nervous about it. But, the kids have been in lessons and the husband is a really good skier. So, either I need to learn or stay at home when.. Read More