First Open-Water-Swim of the Year: Testing the River Waters.

It was a long hard winter.  There is still 96″ of snow in the mountains.  The river is really pushing through. After more than enough swimming in the pool, I am staring at a daunting deadline:  3.5 weeks left. The Pacific Crest Triathlon is in 3.5 weeks.  This seems very strange to me.  Sometimes you work for so long for something, you tend to forget that there is a purpose.. Read More

2/26/2016 Lunch Swim at Juniper

This was the first swim workout in over a year that I was able to verify I can still swim 1 mile.  I focused on the following:   -Staying relaxed.  There is a fine line between swimming hard with no breaks and swimming too hard and needing to stop and take breaks.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally cross that line in this swim so I just worked.. Read More